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I enjoy a lot the online course Learn The Basics of Ethical Hacking and Penetration Testing because the content is focused in the manner that a penetration testing is done in the real life, and the labs has a lot of machines for practice. I recommend this course to everyone that want to learn about computer security and the process to execute a penetration testing. I will be waiting for the course CODENAME: Ninja Skills!.”

Sergio Cosme,

“Seen it on other forums, read about it. Had good expectations, when experienced it!!! Loved it!!! The lab rocked my world, The material is great, but having that lab… it was good times, and good fun. Can’t wait to check out the Ninja Course!. Awesome time. Thanks Attack-Secure.com Chris”


“A token of appreciation for Mohammad, The methodology of penetration testing is covered and explained in details and all modules are organised logically to present each step and process involved during professional pen-testing. Techniques are presented in each module concisely and conceptually. Then concepts are demonstrated explicitly in videos. In the videos Mohammad exposes tools and techniques; the videos are generously detailed and very explicit. Mohammad Ramadan is available and answers questions to clarify concepts. Finally, the “ice on the cake” is the lab. Mohammad provides his students with VPN access to a cloud. The cloud is available 24/7 and students can readily exercise and practice hacking. The cloud includes different Operating Systems to help students to get familiarise with the concept of a “black box” testing. The cloud is clearly a proof of concept and students can increase their knowledge and develop their intuition by trial and error. Overall the Samurai level course from Attack-Secure provides students with real world scenarios and students progressively build their confidence and practice hacking in a secure manner. The course is very well done. Job well done Mohammad. Thank you.”

Fabienne van Cappel,

“I have spent thousands of £££ on training courses and only wish I would discovered this course earlier. Mohamed, all I will say you are a very GIFTED individual and a blessing for the security industry. Thanks and can not wait for your Ninja Skills Course.”


Online Penetration testing with Learn The Basics of Ethical Hacking and Penetration Testing Course is one of the best penetration testing course offered in the market today, offering a highly practical subject content and high quality, With practices laboratory and content that apply to safety testing in the real world. This course is my most important guide to the classes that I teach Hacking in person in my country Colombia. I recommend this course for IT professionals, systems auditors, and all those who want to make a real course of Penetration testing


“Wow this is a fantastic course because you can understand it very easily and also it is very easy to connect to online lab. And if I have an issue or something I cannot understand, I will contact Attack-Secure team and they will fix it for me within 24 hours and also teach me why this happened and how to fix it. I have websites and I want to know how attackers and hackers can attack them and now I can defend my site against attackers and hackers and this a something I can not do before . Every day I learn a great deal of information from this course, and this means that the course instructors made this course and they know every single bit about it. course instructors have a unique vision to deliver information and learn me hard stuff with easy hands-on approach. I want to thank Attack-Secure for this awesome course.”

Elham abdullah

“Mohammad Ramadan was very hands on from the beginning of the courses till the end, the course was thorough, as a newcomer into the scene of penetration testing these courses was affordable, very in depth and professional, I love the fact the modules are mine to access and not online access. I debated to go to other sites or this one I was skeptical about the course, but they were 9/10 for me. I will prefect what I gain from the course and hope to use them in the real world.”

Herman Pittman,

“I want to say thanks. I had previously in the forums, YouTube, etc. read and checked Then I have seen the video kioptrix 4 and I thought that Attack-Secure know how it goes! And what I learned in the last 4 days has exceeded my expectations by far. I am so happy and wait for the Ninja skills course Many many thanks and have a good time Best regards”

Christian Lietsch,

“An excellent course filled with a lot of information other penetration testing courses gloss over. Sections regarding Open Source Intelligence Gathering (OSINT) are far more comprehensive than any other course on the market. Excellent Command line coverage on both windows and Linux showing how to perform tasks without just pressing buttons on tools. A huge section on application hacking and post exploitation techniques which is also a section other courses do not cover as well. I would highly suggest purchasing Attack-Secure course to complement your penetration testing knowledge-base. An excellent course for beginner penetration testers and security minded IT professionals.”


“This course it’s really amazing!! I had the opportunity to test the Offensive Security course, and between two this is by far much better and deeper in all technical level than other courses. I really recommend it to anyone who really wants to dive into the world of professional ethical hacking”

Diego Bruno,

The online samurai skill course is a very helpful course ware for people who want to become a penetration tester. You get a very good overview about tools, techniques and communities where you can find other helpful information to practice.

To test and play around there is a very good and helpful lab environment and you can ask if you need some assistance. All in all the course is very cheap for very good training – I can only recommend to participate if you will get a penetration tester..


“I have been an IT professional for 17 years and every once and a while a course of a great value is created. Learn The Basics of Ethical Hacking and Penetration Testing course is that great value!!! Three things i am looking for in a course, its material, the instruction and the overall flow of learning. This course has it all. With my notes and the samurai course manual I have created a personal reference guide for pen testing, no detail is left out. The course manual alone is better than some of the other courses I have attended. For the money it is one of the best courses on the market!”


“Samurai skills course is the best course I’ve ever had. It gets you enough theory and immerse you directly into practice, excellent visual aids. I highly recommend this course to every IT professional who wants to get serious skills in penetration testing. It is the kind of course that you really enjoy and find useful.”

Jorge Sanchez,

“An excellent course, with deep details about the attacks technical backgrounds. I have been gone through some security courses, but this was the most practice-oriented so far. For last words, The Samurai Skills Course is excellent for beginner penetration testers and security minded IT professionals. I recommend to everyone, who has the background knowledge without practical knowledge (CEH or similar), here You can practice almost everything You need on a pentest, both the tools and the theories.”


“Attack-Secure Team and Mohammed Ramadan are making a significant contribution and impact in pentest education, My experience taking Learn The Basics of Ethical Hacking and Penetration Testing Course has been great and highly satisfying, The content is of high-quality, hands-on & crystal-clear to comprehend. Mohammed has the unique gift of transferring his knowledge very effectively and now I am looking forward to taking the next advanced Ninja skills course. I highly recommend this course for IT security newbies.”