Your website or mobile app
secured in a day

Send me your website or mobile app. I'll test it for security vulnerabilities, report all my findings and secure it — In one day.



Have you ever been hacked by hackers before? Or maybe you are afraid from being hacked? . Maybe you've even hired a freelancer or agency in the past and the results were less than you'd hoped for.

Well, you're in luck. I (Mohamed) dedicated to serve people just like you. I take the pain out of securing your website/mobile app. And i do it in one day.

What if your website/mobile app could be secure and safe from hackers and bad people before dinner tonight?

I (Mohamed) does just that. I'll scan your website/mobile app for security vulnerabilities, use my skills and experience, type vulnerability report including how to fix each security vulnerability and send it to you in a single day.


Here's how it works

8a.m.   We’ll start the day by discussing your website, your business and what we’re trying to accomplish in our day.

9a.m.   Begin security testing and hunting security bugs.

1p.m.   Around lunchtime we’ll review what’s been accomplished so far, what we have left to do, and keep moving forward.

2p.m.  Continue theme Bug Hunting.

5p.m.  End of day. I’ll do one final review and a walkthrough of how all found security vulnerabilities . Then i’ll send a vulnerability report including a proof of concept and how to fix each of reported vulnerabilities once and for all.

6p.m. We did it. Time to par-tay! ;)


Ready to get started?                                       

What You Get


  • I'll start browsing each page of your website/app and getting familiar with it and how it works and what functions and options are available to normal users.


  • I'll start using my tools like: Burp Suite proxy to intercept requests and responses from your website/app and analyse, manipulate and fuzz each parameter to discover low hanging security vulnerabilities that let hackers do bad things.


  • After extensive and hardcore security testing and bug hunting. I'll type each found vulnerability in a nice pdf file including a step by step of how hackers can exploit it and how you can fix it.


*No need to send me your website/app source code to test it, All i need is your website domain name or a link to download your mobile app.

So how much does it cost?

You maybe asking yourself it is gonna be an expensive and a long process. My website/app-in-a-day process gives you a safe, highly secured website, at a price that won't break the bank.


It is just $777 for a very limited time! Hurry up and let me secure your website/app NOW!